Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Things to say during a fight (between geeks)

"Babe, if you were any more difficult, you'd be NP-hard."

(Actually said immediately after the fight. Not sure if it would have been wise to say it before we reconciled.)

(Alright, I admit, I'm way too pleased with myself for coming up with that one, and actually thinking of it in time. More often, witty remarks only occur to me well after they would have been useful.)

(Her snarky comeback was something along the lines of "And if you were any harder, I'd be much happier." Eh... whatever. It was still totally worth it.)

(I apologize for this unexpected and potentially undesired insight into my private life. I'll be back next month with the usual impersonal anti-Apple manifestos and more pictures of cat.)

(Yes, that's his name, just 'cat'. Maybe I should ask him for his last name.)

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  1. If it's a name then you should write it with a capital C :P